Task Force Staff

Position holders at the Israel AIDS Task Force

Esq. Chen Shmilo, Director General


Mr. Shmilo started his term in October 2018. As part of his position, he is a member of the advisory committee to the Health Ministry's general director on HIV/AIDS and a member of the national council for community health.

Shmilo served in the IDF unit 8200 and the in Prime Minister Office. He started his career as a legislative aide to the chairwoman of Kadima faction at the 18th Knesset.

In the years 2013-2017 Mr. Shmilo was the public policy director of the Israeli Medical Association (IMA) and the coordinator of the Public Health Forum. Shmilo was one of the founders of the LGBTQ Medical Society in the IMA. In the years 2017-2018 he participated in the Humphrey Fellowship, a Fulbright program for mid-career professionals, in the field of public health in the United States.


Shmilo earned a law degree, cum laude, from Haifa University in 2010. In 2014, he became an Executive LL.M in Public Law from both Northwestern University and Tel Aviv University. He also volunteered with IGY – Israel Gay Youth Organization as the governmental relations coordinator and took part in the contests of Israel LGBTQ Task Force (Ha'aguda).   

Idan Barak , deputy director general and educational outreach workshops coordinator

Idan is a graduate of Beit Zvi School of the Performing Arts. He began his volunteering activities at the IATF at the end of 2007 as part of the educational outreach arm in the LGBT community, where as a volunteer he served as a consultant in HIV testing vehicles. At the end of 2008 he joined the Educational Outreach Workshops arm as a workshop leader in schools and at-risk youth frameworks and was an active partner in screening and training new workshop leaders. In 2014 Idan joined the IATF paid staff as the Educational Outreach Workshops Coordinator, and is responsible for recruitment, screening and training of workshop leaders; developing training contents; consulting and deepening cooperation with formal and informal education frameworks; marketing the workshops and forging new relationships with educators and additional frameworks.   

Saar Maoz, deputy director general and Bela Doeget Coordinatoor- educational outreach in the LGBTQ community wing

Saar joined the IATF professional staff in December 2013. He speaks Hebrew and English and has experience managing social organizations abroad. He returned to Israel after living in England for 18 years, and has lived with HIV since 2003. He is one of the participants in the television project “Families” (the Heymann brothers, 2013) and in the movie “Who’s Gonna Love me Now?” (the Heymann brothers, 2016) in which he comes out as an HIV carrier and brings his story and that of his family, stemming from a desire to work toward a more open and accepting world. In his position Saar is responsible for recruitment and training of volunteers for the Bela Doeget arm, access of the LBGT community throughout Israel to HIV testing, advertising campaigns for access to information and encouraging testing, cooperative initiatives with LBGT community organizations, organizing information events for raising awareness about the subject and for designing national prevention programs.

Daniel Gordon, AIDS Task Force Spokesperson

Daniel holds a BA in Politics, Communications and Sociology. Before joining the IATF he managed successful political and media campaigns for private organizations. Daniel currently serves as the IATF spokesperson and is responsible for all media arenas, including traditional media, new media and digital.

Adam Miki Ben Shimol, Resource Development

Adam is responsible for resource development at the IATF. In his position he coordinates and cultivates relationships with foundations, private donors in Israel and abroad and government ministries. He works with other IATF position holders and accompanies the projects in the aim of diversifying resource sources. Adam volunteered in the organization for two years before joining the paid staff. His volunteering activities changed his perception of HIV by 180 degrees: from a sense of fear to understanding and acceptance.


Tal Aberman, coordinator of asylum seeker and individuals without legal status arm

 In her position Tal heads the project for collecting drugs for persons without legal status in Israel who are HIV carriers and for providing support and assistance to these individuals. She is also responsible for the information and prevention outreach project in the community of individuals without legal status. Before joining the Task Force staff she worked as a coordinator for a therapeutic club for welfare children from a community of asylum seekers 

Mor Nahari, social worker and coordinator of addictions area

Mor holds a BSW from Tel Aviv University. She began as an information workshop leader at IATF in 2014 and after completing her studies was involved as a social worker responsible for treatment of injection drug users. Before joining the IATF staff Mor worked for many years with youth in extreme situations in a variety of frameworks. She currently fills positions in two IATF branches, in Tel Aviv and Be’er Sheva, and provides psycho-social services. In her position Mor accompanies and provides individual and group therapy to persons living with HIV and their families. She also coordinates the addictions area at the IATF, is a member of Ilsam (The Israeli Society of Addiction Medicine) and conducts collaborations with addiction treatment frameworks throughout Israel. As part of these collaborations Mor leads workshops for addicted individuals, trains treatment and educational staff in the HIV field and helps in accompanying and ensuring rights entitlement in this area.

Avishag Rubinstein, Social Worker, coordinator of Chemsex area

Avishag earned an MSW with excellence in clinical social work from Haifa University, and is currently specializing in the sex therapy track at Bar Ilan University. She joined the IATF professional staff in 2011. Avishag has treatment experience in the following areas: depression, anxiety, sexual trauma, loss and bereavement, self-image and identity formation processes. She uses both the dynamic method and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) depending on the client’s needs. As part of her position at the IATF Avishag accompanies and provides individual therapy to persons living with HIV and their families, accompanies a professional team and leads groups. Prior to her work at the IATF Avishag filled a series of treatment positions in post-hospitalization institutional frameworks for at-risk youth.


Noam Mestboim, Social Worker

Noam earned a BA degree in Law and a Master’s degree in social work from the University of Georgia in the U.S, and is a certified lawyer.

In her position at the IATF Noam accompanies and provides individual and group therapy to persons living with HIV and their families. Before joining the organization Noam worked at POSITIVE IMPACT, an organization that provides counseling to persons living with HIV, their partners and family members. The organization is located in Atlanta Georgia, one of the cities with the highest HIV carrier rates in the US.

Asmait Mahazion Tesepmiryam

Asmait is a graduate of the Economics and Business department. She is a citizen of Eritrea and speaks Tigrinya, Amharic, Arabic, English and Hebrew. In the past she was actively involved in information and prevention activities about HIV and sexually transmitted diseases in Eritrea. Asmait immigrated to Israel in 2010 and as a staff member at the IATF currently works with asylum seekers as a community mediator.

Ayala Hemo, bookkeeper

Ayala studied accounting at the Management College and has served as the IATF bookkeeper since 2014.

Liron Wasserman Ben-Yehuda,  Director of the Testing Center

Liron began his volunteer activities at the IATF in 2012 as a consultant at the Anonymous Testing Center where he found his calling. In 2014 he left the high-tech world, joined the organization’s professional staff and the team that manages the Anonymous Testing Center. In his position Liron is responsible for the ongoing functioning of the HIV laboratory, and for managing volunteers at the testing center in Tel Aviv.

Ayelet Rivlin, Manager of Beer Sheva Branch

Eliya holds a BA in Psychology and State of Israel Studies from Ben-Gurion University and a Master's Degree in Rehabilitation Psychology. In the past, she volunteered for the Nefeshnu organization, where she helped write position papers, create parliamentary relations and organize a demonstration for the purpose of national mental health and the Rehabilitation Division Committee. In addition to her work at the IATF, she works as an employment coordinator for the JDC in the program for people with ADHD.

Sahar Avital, responsible for distributing prophylactics in the gay community

Sahar established the condom distribution system to the Gay community as part of Bela Doeget and currently manages the project. He is also a manager in the IATF hotline and active in testing centers in Florentine and Gan Meir in Tel Aviv.

Ben Doron, Office Manager

Ben was appointed IATF office manager in November 2016. He comes from the television and Internet production field where he served as manager of products at Gil Productions and as field producer at Walla Communications.